Small and mid-sized businesses need affordable communication and collaboration tools that offer a competitive advantage. At NetWolf, we design and install best-in-breed solutions to meet that need. All of our phone and AV systems are tested and proven in multiple environments to ensure a maximum ROI.

Powerful Solutions to Take Your Business to the Next Level

IPBX Phone Systems

We adapt enterprise-grade phone solutions - including VoIP and IP PBX - to fit the current and future needs of small and mid-sized businesses.

AV Systems

From LED TVs to projectors, our solutions are designed to help businesses reduce technical difficulties, improve communication, and increase productivity.


Whether you need a projector for your conference room or you want to upgrade your phone system, we’ll be there to handle all aspects of installation and set-up.

Vetted Service Providers

At NetWolf, we partner with only the best third party service providers to support your business operations.

Support & Maintenance

Our technicians are available 24/7 to troubleshoot all AV and VoIP solutions, remotely.


By vigilantly monitoring and remediating your solution from our Network Operations Center, we’ll ensure that your system stays secure and runs with nearly 100% uptime.

Our Competitive Advantage

Predictable, Cost-effective Solutions

Save money on your PBX phone system. With NetWolf VoIP solutions, you can eliminate the cost of expensive hardware and reduce your monthly phone bills, by routing calls through the internet.

System Unity

Make or receive calls from anywhere. By leveraging the power of the internet, our iPBX phone systems are equipped keep all of your locations and remote employees connected.


Scale easily as your business grows. Unlike legacy phone systems that require costly hardware upgrades to add new features, extensions or voicemail boxes, iPBX gives your business the freedom to expand at a fraction of the price.

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