Cyber Security Consulting & Incident Response

Netwolf has established a vast network of contacts and is often called in as a “first responder” to severe cyber attacks.

The goal of Netwolf’s incident response team is to minimize the impact of an incident and to restore normal operations as quickly as possible. 

Our incident response process:


The first step is to contain the incident and prevent it from spreading further. This may involve disconnecting affected systems from the network, shutting down services, or taking other steps to isolate the incident.


Once the incident has been contained, the next step is for our team to remove the cause of the incident. This may involve cleaning up malware, patching vulnerabilities, or restoring from backups.


After the incident has been eradicated, the next step is for us to restore normal operations. This may involve bringing systems and services back online, testing them to ensure they are functioning correctly, and communicating with users and other stakeholders about the incident and its resolution.


Finally, we conduct a post-incident review with company leadership and relevant staff to identify any lessons that can be learned from the incident. This may involve analyzing the incident to identify any weaknesses in the organization's cybersecurity defenses, and taking any necessary steps to improve them.

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