Security & Information Protection

We protect your data and endpoints….

Netwolf offers everything from basic endpoint protection solutions to a more robust, real-time fully managed security information and event monitoring (SIEM) solution.

Our new security operations center (SOC) is a best-in-breed AI driven, in-house solution that monitors your network 24/7 to successfully neutralize threats before they lead to a network breach or infection. Even though it’s AI driven there is a team of security analysts watching its output 24/7.

Netwolf’s security solutions include:

  • 24x7 Security Operation Center (SOC)
  • SIEM/Log & Event Monitoring decreasing Mean Time To Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time To Respond (MTTR)
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Datto (Backups for Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery)
  • Mimecast (Email filtering and compliance)
  • DNS Filtering (Website content filtering)
  • Sonicwall (Intrusion Prevention, GeoIP Filtering) 

We educate your employees:

  • We offer end-user anti-phishing training that will help your staff easily identify possible threats that emerge from malicious websites or emails.
  • Our offering comes complete with risk scoring measuring your employee's progress over time.
  • Incident Response & Business Continuity Planning
  • Tabletop exercises

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