Infrastructure Design & Installation

Netwolf has a dedicated team responsible for the installation of  IT infrastructure such as switches, firewalls, servers, and low voltage cabling. This involves several steps and considerations to ensure that the infrastructure is properly set up and configured to meet our client’s needs and requirements. 


The first step in installing IT infrastructure is to plan the installation, typically with the client or a general contractor who is managing other parts of the project. This step includes identifying the specific hardware and software components that will be needed, determining the location of the equipment, and creating a detailed installation plan. It also includes determining the power and cooling requirements if applicable, as well as the cabling and network topology.

Hardware installation:

Once the plan is in place, the next step is to install the hardware components. This includes unboxing, racking, and cabling the servers, switches, and firewalls. 

Low Voltage cabling installation:

 Low voltage cabling installation is a critical step in the process. This includes installing the necessary low voltage cabling such as copper and fiber optic cabling to connect the devices to the network. The cabling should be properly labeled and terminated, and must be tested to ensure that it is properly installed and functional.

Testing and Verification:

Test and verify the infrastructure. This includes testing the connectivity and functionality of the devices, and verifying that they meet the organization's requirements

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