At NetWolf, we don’t jump on technology hype trains. We recommend and deploy solutions that have been tested in multiple environments and proven to offer a competitive advantage. By leveraging our cloud technology and in-house expertise, you’ll have all the tools you need to reduce IT costs, increase productivity and augment scalability.

Best-in-Breed Cloud Technology

Configuring Cloud Infrastructure

Our engineers take pride in developing cloud environments that work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure to give you greater system compatibility and performance.

Cloud Computing

At NetWolf, we adapt enterprise-grade cloud solutions to provide small and mid-sized businesses with the storage, servers and software they need to work productively and scale flexibly.

Public Cloud

We recommend only the best third-party cloud service providers to meet your business’ needs - giving you the confidence to push forward.

Private Cloud

If your operations call for a cloud customized to your existing infrastructure or you want to maintain ownership of your solution, our professionals will develop exactly what you need.

Hybrid Cloud

For businesses looking for greater flexibility, NetWolf provides hybrid cloud options to help you leverage both public and private clouds.


We set-up cloud environments that not only keep your data safe from cyber attacks, but also from on-premise server crashes, hardware theft, and natural disasters.

The Advantage of NetWolf-driven Solutions

Affordable Systems & Storage

NetWolf uses a pay-as-you-grow model to eliminate the initial capital investment of purchasing equipment.

Customized Solutions

From private to public clouds, our engineers are passionate about finding a solution that matches your goals and priorities.


Our cloud-based solutions are strategically designed to grow with your business, giving you the flexibility to scale your storage and security, as needed.  

24/7 Access

Use NetWolf cloud technology to access your data and software from any device, at anytime. Our servers are protected by 24/7 security, advanced fire suppression, multiple feeds from the power grid, and several internet providers, which guarantees nearly 100% uptime.

Enhanced Collaboration

Whether your team is global or you need to work remotely for a few hours, our solutions will keep you connected.

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